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Solidarity to all fighting for their deserved justice, from  the well known whistleblowers to the lesser known protesters. #freepalestine

JUST WHEN YOU THINK THE FERGUSON STORY CAN'T GET ANY WORSE: Michael Brown shooting: Ku Klux Klan raises 'reward' for officer who shot unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri [TW: Racism, Ethnocentrism, White Privilege, Right-Wing Terrorism]


The Missouri chapter of a faction of the Ku Klux Klan is allegedly raising money as a reward for the white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in Ferguson a week ago.

On its website, the South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has published a series of racist posts describing Brown as “a black punk” and “not a good kid”, theSouthern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch (SCPLCHW) blog has reported.

The group has also advertised a fundraiser asking for donations of $10 (£6) and above, with all proceeds going to “the cop who did his job against the negro criminal”.

SPLC, an Alabama-based civil rights organisation, said they received an email from the group about the reward being raised, which read: “We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug.

"He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-ZOG and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90 per cent of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”

The KKK also sparked outrage in South Carolina last month when residents in Seneca, Oconee County, awoke to find bags of sweets on their driveways on a Sunday morning, along with leaflets urging them to “Save our land, join the Klan”.

Protests have continued in Ferguson throughout this week after officer Darren Wilson shot Brown on a street outside a housing complex in the St Louis suburb.

Tensions arose again on Friday night after a police statement was released showing the 18-year-old had been suspected of robbing a store before his death.

However, hours after Brown was named as a suspect in the “strong-arm” robbery of cigars from a store was released, police said that Officer Wilson, 28, had no idea he was a robbery suspect.

Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson , who was there at the time of shooting, alleges that he had his hands up in surrender when he was fatally shot by Wilson. Wilson claims he fired after being assaulted by Brown.

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Let me be clear on this


If you sympathize or even justify police brutality, please dissociate from me immediately.

I refuse to be associated to people who are okay with such an atrocity. There’s nothing ethical about it whatsoever.

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New York, NY
August 20, 2014
Close up of the banner in the shape of the Palestinian flag with the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) motto and “Gaza in our hearts” written on it flying from Manhattan Bridge in New York City at the March for Palestine. 
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I hope everyone remembers Hillary Clinton’s passionate defense of Israel’s war crimes and total silence on Ferguson when she’s running for president in two years.

She can not the dem nomination or we may be in trouble.

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August 18, 2014


August 19, 2014


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I will not be returning to Ferguson


I had been on the ground helping Al Jazeera America cover the protests and unrest in Ferguson, Mo., since this all started last week. After what I saw last night, I will not be returning. The behavior and number of journalists there is so appalling, that I cannot in good conscience continue to be a part of the spectacle.

Things I’ve seen:

-Cameramen yelling at residents in public meetings for standing in way of their cameras

-Cameramen yelling at community leaders for stepping away from podium microphones to better talk to residents

-TV crews making small talk and laughing at the spot where Mike Brown was killed, as residents prayed, mourned

-A TV crew of a to-be-left-unnamed major cable network taking pieces out of a Ferguson business retaining wall to weigh down their tent

-Another major TV network renting out a gated parking lot for their one camera, not letting people in. Safely reporting the news on the other side of a tall fence.

-Journalists making the story about them

-National news correspondents glossing over the context and depth of this story, focusing instead on the sexy images of tear gas, rubber bullets, etc.

-One reporter who, last night, said he came to Ferguson as a “networking opportunity.” He later asked me to take a picture of him with Anderson Cooper. 

One anecdote that stands out: as the TV cameras were doing their live shots in front of the one burnt-out building in the three-block stretch of “Ground Zero,” around the corner was a community food/goods drive. I heard one resident say: “Where are the cameras? I’m going to go see if I can find some people to film this.”

Last night a frustrated resident confronted me when he saw my camera: “Yall are down here photographing US, but who gets paid?!” 

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